METAMORPHOSIS – Call for Applications

about Metamorphosis

About the Project

At its core, Metamorphosis is a project aimed at examining the remarkable dynamic between the composer, the performer, and the instrument. By commissioning and presenting four new works for solo vibraphone and auxiliary percussion instruments, Metamorphosis will highlight each composer’s unique voice by employing the same instrumentation throughout the entire program, allowing an evolution of possibilities to unfold in the hands of the performer and their instruments.

We began this project by commissioning 3 composers within our network: Emmanuel Berrido, Amy Victoria Thompson, and Dallas Howard. We then announced a call-for-applications to join the network and become the fourth composer on Metamorphosis. We received over 70 applications and were able to pick one of the best up-and-coming composers based on compositional craft, philosophy, and integrity: Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade. As a result, Ninfea will receive a $250 un/pitched Commissioned Composer Prize by Marimba One, professional quality video recording, several live performances, features on the un/pitched website and social media, and the option of distributing her music through un/pitched at full profit to the composer.

After deliberation with the participating composers and Marimba One Vibraphone Artist Lindsey Eastham, the soloist for Metamorphosis, we selected the following instrumentation: vibraphone, bass drum, bongos, cymbal, and wood blocks. These instruments provide the color spectrum and variety in techniques we were looking for in this project while still maintaining the possibility for mobility and complete self-reliance, an important factor for this project and vital to bringing this music to as many communities as possible.

Metamorphosis is now in its next phase, a US tour. Lindsey Eastham and composer Dallas J. Howard have teamed up to create several educational presentations that feature this new collection of works alongside talks on the composer-performer relationship, writing for percussion, and premiering new music from the performer’s perspective. These presentations aim to reach both the percussion and composition studios of schools that we visit, and appeal to musicians of all kinds.

Lindsey and Dallas will be touring from the east coast westwards from March 15th – April 15th 2019, if you are interested in hosting them at your institution please contact [email protected].

WATCH: Lindsey Eastham performs “Senescence” by Dallas J. Howard with the EASTHAMA percussion duo.

Special thanks to Marimba One for their support for this project, and offering the un/pitched Comissioned Composer Prize to Ninfea!

Tour Schedule

March 22, 2019

Guest Appearance on Soundspace (WAYO-LP)

March 24, 2019

Ithaca College

March 27, 2019

Oklahoma City University

March 30, 2019

University of Southern Utah

April 5, 2019

California State University at Northridge

April 12, 2019

University of Redlands